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Fonts suitable for use in module

Any font that is supported by SVG can be used, but it is recommended to use only the 3 following fonts, which can also be used if a postscript output is generated.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
Times New Roman, Times, serif
Courier New, Courier, monospace

These fonts include the greek and mathematical symbols that are defined in the postscript standard font "symbol". Greek and special characters can be invoked in text strings by the HTML4 numeric references, such as α which displays as greek α. A list of these numeric references can be found here. The set of high-bit characters (in the range 128:255) in the ISO 8859-1 set (which contains the usual ASCII character set in the range 0:127) is also available as either numeric or character references, e.g. Á or Á which display as Á.

You can view the available character sets in all three fonts families and for each in four flavors: normal, italic, bold and bold-italic. There are ten SVG files, which will open in a separate window when you click on one of the links below. There is a blue raster to indicate the precise position of the characters. The displays are in a printable format (one page each).

filename character type characters shown
fontlist1.svg ASCII: lower case and punctuation abcde fghij klmno pqrst uvwxy z.,:; ?
fontlist2.svg ASCII: upper case and some signs ABCDE FGHIJ KLMNO PQRST UVWXY Z_-+=!
fontlist3.svg ASCII: numbers and symbols 01234 56789 '"`~@ #$%^& */\<> ()[]{ }|
fontlist4.svg Latin-1 chars, html #160-#191  ¡¢£¤ ¥¦§¨© ª«¬­® ¯°±²³ ´µ¶·¸ ¹º»¼½ ¾¿
fontlist5.svg Latin-1 chars, html #192-#223 ÀÁÂÃÄ ÅÆÇÈÉ ÊËÌÍÎ ÏÐÑÒÓ ÔÕÖ×Ø ÙÚÛÜÝ Þß
fontlist6.svg Latin-1 chars, html #224-#255 àáâãä åæçèé êëìíî ïðñòó ôõö÷ø ùúûüý þÿ
fontlist7.svg Greek and math chars, set 1 ƒΑΒΓΔ ΕΖΗΘΙ ΚΛΜΝΞ ΟΠΡΣΤ ΥΦΧΨΩ αβγδε ζ
fontlist8.svg Greek and math chars, set 2 ηθικλ μνξοπ ρςστυ φχψωϑ ϒϖ•…′ ″‾⁄℘ℜ ™
fontlist9.svg Greek and math chars, set 3 ℵ←↑→↓ ↔↵⇐⇑⇒ ⇓⇔∀∂∃ ∅∇∈∉∋ ∏∑−∗√ ∝∞∠∧∨ ∩
fontlist10.svg Greek and math chars, set 4 ∪∫∴∼≅ ≈≠≡≤≥ ⊂⊃⊄⊆⊇ ⊕⊗⊥⋅⌈ ⌉⌊⌋〈〉 ◊♠♣♥♦

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