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Colors defined in module

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The following set of colors is predefined in the module These are spelled with initial capital and they are available after importing the module:

import * from plotsvg
(in style element).... color:Brown
Without importing everything from the module:
import plotsvg
(in style element).... color:plotsvg.Brown
or, with shorter notation:
import plotsvg as p
(in style element).... color:p.Brown

There are 8 light colors, suitable for backgrounds, and 7 darker colors, suitable for curves and symbols, plus bright yellow, suitable for the fill color of symbols with a (black) outline.

Colorname hexadecimal rgb 0:255 rgb 0:1
White #FFFFFF 255,255,255 1,1,1
Lightgrey #E0E0E0 224,224,224 .88,.88,.88
Lightred #FFD0D0 255,208,208 .82,.82,.82
Lightorange #FFE0C0 255,224,192 1,.88,.75
Lightyellow #FFFFC0 255,255,192 1,1,.75
Lightgreen #D0FFD0 208,255,208 .82,1,.82
Lightblue #E0E0FF 224,224,255 .88,.88,1
Lightviolet #FFC0FF 255,192,255 1,.75,1
Yellow #FFFF00 255,255,0 1,1,0
Black #000000 0,0,0 0,0,0
Darkgrey #909090 144,144,144 .57,.57,.57
Red #E00000 224,0,0 .88,0,0
Brown #B4A000 180,160,0 .71,.63,0
Green #00D000 0,208,0 0,.82,0
Blue #0000D0 0,0,208 0,0,.82
Violet #B000B0 176,0,176 .69,.69,0

Of course, it is also allowed to use the predefined SVG colors (lower case!)

Show the file colortest.svg in a separate window