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This page is the home page of the book "Simulating the Physical World,
Hierarchical Modeling from Quantum Mechanics to Fluid Dynamics"

by Herman J.C. Berendsen,
published in July 2007 by Cambridge University Press.
ISBN-13: 978-0-521-83527-5 hardback
ISBN-10: 0-521-83527-5 hardback
List price: £ 47,- For details and ordering information see Cambridge University Press.


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These are full-color versions of the following figures in the book:
page 1 (fig.1): Figure 6.3 on page 146 (molecular-shaped box)
page 2 (fig.2): Figure 6.13 on page 210 (MD simulation of propagation of a crack under tension)
page 3 (fig.3): Figure 10.1 on page 303 (mesoscopic simulation of diblock-copolymer melt)
page 4 (fig.4): Figure 11.1 on page 311 (DPD simulation of coalescing liquid drops)
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These are full sample texts from the book:
Table of contents: Parts, sections, subsections
Chapter 1: "Introduction", pages 3-17
Index, pages 587-596
a new set of choices Additional material, organized per chapter:
Errata, remarks, answers to exercises, python programs.
This material is not complete yet.
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